I want to know if all the accessories of the home can be transferred to the new network without having to configure one by one?

Dear User, Sorry for the inconvenience. If you have a lot of devices, you can add all the devices in your account at one time through the “Auto Scan” method, which supports multiple search methods to trigger at the same time, including Wi-Fi devices, Bluetooth gateways, Bluetooth mesh devices, Zigbee gateways and existing Zigbee devices under the gateway. All the devices found can be added at one time. The following is the specific operation :

1.On the homepage, click "+" in the upper right corner, and then you will enter the "Auto Scan" page. If you need to add Wi-Fi and Bluetooth devices at the same time, it is recommended that you enable Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, and then click "Start Search".

2.Click "Configure Wi-Fi", and then click "OK", the system will automatically search for devices in the network configuration state (flashing state). Click "Next."

3.At this time, you can click "Add" and then click "Finish" .You will see these devices on the homepage.