About Us
07.14.2020 | Lumary |

About Lumary, it comes from a simple idea in 2017. In the past ten years, we have been OEM/ODM services for some of the world's best brands and supermarkets, but we have found that these brands and supermarkets sell products to users at an expensive price, They are not very professional in terms of after-sales service, and they cannot solve user problems in a timely manner.

Over the past ten years, we have accumulated more than 400 patents in the field of smart home. Therefore, we have enthusiastically established this brand. We will use our advantages in R&D, design and production capacity to create new ones through intelligence and IoT technology. A generation of smart connected devices provide users with more cost-effective smart home products and a better smart home experience, and promote better interaction between users and families.

We continue to improve our products by caring about our users' opinions, providing our customers with a top-notch shopping experience and providing fast after-sales service for our quality products.

We are committed to creating a smart home brand that "Everyone can afford, and easy to use"!

We are young, Just like the sun rising from sea level in the morning (our brand logo), but work hard all the way. In the past two years, we have completed the development and mass production of smart LED bulb series, smart LED downlight series, smart light switch series, smart in-wall outlet series, smart hub, smart LED strip series, smart garage door opener, UVC light series and so on.

Our mission
“Smart living,simple and joyful”
We are committed to bringing consumers reliable-quality items and excellent using experience via Internet of Things technology. Keep consumers enjoy Smart living in a simpler way.