What are the Benefits of Smart Lighting Control?
09.19.2023 | Lumary | Lumary Smart Home Blog

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Smart lighting gives homeowners intelligent control over their lighting for greater efficiency, convenience, and security. Networked LED bulbs and switches allow remote control via smartphones and voice assistants. Automated scheduling dims or turns off lights when not needed, saving energy. Control lighting from anywhere to suit your lifestyle, like turning on lights before arriving home.

Intelligent Lighting

Smart lighting can also make unoccupied homes appear lived-in to deter break-ins. The automated and customizable nature of smart lighting provides practical benefits beyond basic illumination. Consider upgrading to smarter lighting solutions for your home.

The Benefits of Smart Lighting Control

Achieve Greater Efficiency

One of the biggest perks of installing smart lighting is the potential for energy savings. Smart lighting allows for intelligent automation and scheduling that saves electricity.

Energy-efficient Lighting

Motion sensors detect when a room becomes unoccupied and automatically turn off the lights to avoid unnecessary usage. This sensor integration can reduce lighting energy usage by over 50% compared to manually turning lights on and off.

Smart lighting systems can also be scheduled to turn on and off at set times of the day. You can ensure lights aren't wasting energy illuminating an empty home during the daytime. Scheduling also allows you to program the lights to mimic natural patterns and human circadian rhythms.

Integration with daylight sensors enables smart lights to adjust their brightness automatically based on the room's amount of natural light. More sunlight means the lights dim to a lower output, saving energy.

Wireless Lighting Control Smart Lighting

Individual bulb dimming and tuning give users more control over light levels. Rather than full on or off, you can set the brightness to the right level for the task, reducing excess lighting.

Enjoy Total Convenience

Beyond efficiency, smart lighting also provides exceptional convenience for busy modern households. With your smartphone, you can easily control your home lighting from anywhere. Before arriving home, turn on the lights to welcome you inside with the touch of a button. Forget if you left lights on? Quickly check and turn them off to avoid waste.

Voice control through AI assistants enables hands-free adjustments. Change the lighting scene in a room just by speaking out loud. Voice commands allow easy control for households with mobility challenges, too.

Smart lighting systems also allow you to set specific lighting recipes for different activities or times of day. Create a bright white "Focus" scene for working, a dimmer warmer "Dinner" scene for meals, and a subdued "Relax" scene for the evening.

Strengthen Safety and Security

Smart lighting provides security benefits in addition to convenience and efficiency. Lights that turn on and off at variable times and intensities can give the impression of someone's home, helping deter break-ins.

You can also configure exterior smart lighting to trigger automatically if motion sensors detect an intruder on your property. Smart floodlights will switch on and alert your phone when they detect movement.

Interior motion sensors activate lights when you enter a room, improving visibility and reducing the chance of falls or accidents. Voice control also allows easy access to lighting for those with mobility limitations.

IoT Lighting Smart Lighting

Additionally, smart lights that stay illuminated unusually long may indicate a problem. You can receive alerts of long runtimes and check things out through security cameras if needed.


The benefits of smart lighting extend far beyond basic illumination. Smart lighting systems provide substantial energy and cost savings through intelligent scheduling, automation, and individual bulb control. They also deliver exceptional convenience through remote access, voice commands, and customizable scenes. Plus, they can enhance safety and deter crime

With smart lighting, you can finely tune and program the lighting in your life for optimal comfort, productivity, enjoyment, and peace of mind. The ample benefits make smart lighting one of the most promising and rapidly growing facets of the smart home revolution. Consider installing smart lighting control in your home today and join the illumination evolution.

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