Smart Recessed Lights-Save Money and Energy the Smart Way
09.11.2023 | Lumary | Lumary Smart Home Blog

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Nowadays, with the continuous development of artificial intelligence, AI products have been integrated into every aspect of our daily lives. Intelligent embedded lighting is a product that saves energy and improves the level of life intelligence. However, we are also pondering the question: Can the energy-saving benefits of smart recessed lighting systems fully offset their environmental impact?


Smart Recessed Light Lumens


Environmental impacts and challenges

According to preliminary estimates from Canada's National Forestry Database (NFD) and GFED, the 2023 wildfire season will be devastating. Wildfires spread nationwide, releasing 150 million tons of carbon dioxide in three months. According to recent statistics, this figure represents almost 30% of Canada's total annual greenhouse gas emissions.

Smart Recessed Lights: Energy-saving Advantages

While the Canadian mountain fires have already had a significant impact on the environment, by installing smart recessed lighting systems in our homes we have the potential to reduce our electricity use and carbon footprint by more than 50 percent. The U.S. Department of Energy has conducted numerous studies demonstrating that smart lighting far outperforms traditional lighting methods in terms of efficiency. Its biggest highlight is that it can be adjusted according to your needs to adjust the brightness and color Whether you need enough light to read, or need to ease the fatigue of a day's work in soft tones, can be adjusted according to different settings. That is, in line with the needs of our intelligent life, but also reduces the power loss, greatly reducing our electricity costs!


Smart recessed lights with adjustable colors


Intelligent Lighting System: Adjusting Light for Comfort and Efficiency

These smart recessed lights let ya program a sleep-wake schedule for the beams to follow. So ya can set it so the lights start brightenin' at 6am when the coffee's brewing, and dim down real gentle-like after 9 when it's time for some shut-eye. During the day they'll adjust the brightness based on the outdoor light. But come bedtime, ya told it to chill with a low glow so's not to interrupt your z's. Super handy if you gotta rise and shine early but someone's still snoozing. Just set it once and let the lights take it from there based on the sleep patterns ya picked. Pretty cool feature, right.

Intelligent recessed lights can also work with other intelligent devices in the home (such as air conditioning) For example, if the room air conditioning temperature is adjusted to a lower temperature, the lights can be changed to a warmer tone, creating a cozy atmosphere in the room; this intelligent adjustment can reduce unnecessary power consumption, and give us a different home experience. With our growing concern about climate change, every step to save energy and reduce emissions is of great significance. Switching to smart recessed lighting systems is something that every home can do. These devices can make our homes smart as well as contribute to energy savings at home!

We encourage wider adoption of smart lighting technology as its benefits are not limited to individual homes but also make a personal contribution to the environment. Every light we turn off when we don't need it, every instance of efficient use of natural light, and every adjustment we make to prevent energy waste matters. In this grand scheme, smart lighting systems will help reduce overall global power consumption. In the future, integrating renewable energy sources, such as solar or wind, into these systems can enhance their sustainability. Imagine a lighting system in your home that autonomously manages its electricity consumption and generates its power using renewable energy sources. This vision is not far-fetched. It is a reality that can be foreseen through scientific developments.

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