Product Review: Lumary Smart Dimmer Switch
07.18.2020 | | Lumary Smart Home Blog

Product Review: Lumary Smart Dimmer Switch

Make your everyday lights “smart” with Lumary WiFi Dimmer Switches

Hands full of groceries. A pitch black house after a long day of work. You wish you invested in a hands-free smart door lock but at least you installed some smart light switches. “Alexa, turn on lights” you say as you enter a freshly lit home to put your groceries in the fridge. But first how about a cold beverage before you begin? 🍺 You deserve it. 👍

With smart light switches you can set timers for your lights to turn on and off for your schedule, turn them on with a click of your phone, or even better use your voice to control them with both Alexa or the Google Assistant.

Still not convinced you’d like the convenience of smart dimmer switches in your life? Read on to learn more about the Lumary’s Smart Dimmer Switch.
Lumary Smart Dimmer Switch
Why Choose Smart Dimmer Light Switches?

If you’re looking into smart light options for your home you may be wondering why you should choose smart light switches over smart lightbulbs. The reason is simple, smart lightbulbs can be costly. 😬

Rather than dishing out a decent amount of cash on smart lightbulbs why not invest in just a handful of Lumary Smart Dimmer Switches for your whole home? And, after your one time installation, all of your everyday regular lightbulbs magically become smart lights.

Lumary Dimmer Light Switches
Features Of The Lumary Smart Dimmer Switch

Smart light switches work just like standard light switches but with some distinct improvements. With voice control, app control, and scheduling options upgrading to a Lumary Smart Dimmer Light Switch is a no brainer. Here are the features breakdown…

Voice Assistant Control
Compatible with voice assistants, Lumary’s Dimmer Switches works great with both Alexa and the Google Assistant. Enabling the Smart Life Skill provides hands-free convenience and efficiency for lighting your home.

Remote App Control
Download the free Lumary app (or Smart Life app) available for both Android and iOS. You will then be able to remotely control your smart dimmer switch whether at home, work, or away on vacation.

Group Control
Create a group for multiple smart switches and control them together. This is great for rooms in your home that have multiple traditional switches that will be replaced by Lumary Smart Dimmer Switches. By customizing group names you can easily identify them for app control, voice control, and scheduling.

Timing Schedule
Save monthly on your electric bill by scheduling your lights to turn off automatically at a certain time each night. Or set your lights to turn on at night before you arrive home from work. What ever light schedules and timers you’d like can be accomplished with with Lumary’s Smart Dimmer Switches.

Touch Dimming
Along with the great remote and voice control capabilities the Lumary Smart Dimmer Switch can still still be manually controlled like a traditional dimmer switch. Light brightness can be adjusted with the smooth touch panel as needed.

Sunset and Sunrise Mode
The Lumary app is able to identify your GPS location with your phone allowing for sunset/sunrise settings. This is ideal for using pre-set scheduling for when lights should turn on or off. Easily have your porch light turn on at sunset and your living room lights increase in brightness at sunrise.

Lumary switch
Setting Up The Lumary Smart Dimmer Switch

In order to remotely control the Lumary Smart Dimmer Switch you can use the Lumary or Smart Life app. Both are free and work with Android and iOS. As with most of smart home devices, Lumary’s Smart Dimmer Switches will only connect to 2.4GHz wireless networks.

1). Download the Lumary app from Google Play or the App Store.

2). Register a Lumary account.

3). Install the Lumary Smart Dimmer Switch (detailed instructions included in product packaging).

4). Connect Lumary Smart Dimmer Switch to the Lumary app using Easy Mode or AP Mode.

5). Lumary app will walk you through the steps to complete set-up including adding wifi information.

Lumary works with Alexa and Google
Voice-Controlling The Lumary Smart Dimmer Switch

Lumary’s Smart Dimmer Switch can be voice-controlled with both Alexa and Google Assistant. Before beginning, make sure your devices are already set up using the Lumary app as documented previously.

Quick Guide For Amazon Alexa

1). Open the Alexa app and go to Skills in the menu.

2). Search for Smart Life then tap Enable.

3). Authorize your account with Smart Home Skills using the username and password from your Lumary app.

4). Choose “Discover Devices.” After a few seconds your Lumary devices will be displayed under Smart Home in the Alexa app. You can rename your devices in the Lumary app and Alexa will refer to them by the same name.

A few things you can say…

“Alexa, discover my devices”

“Alexa, turn off living room lamp”

“Alexa, turn off porch light”

Quick Guide For Google Assistant

1). Open the Google Home app and go to Home Control in the menu.

2). Tap the “+” button.

3). Choose Smart Life from list of home control partners.

4). Authorize your account with Google Assistant using the username and password from your Lumary app. Now your Google Home app and Lumary Smart Dimmer Switch is linked.

A few things you can say…

“Okay Google, turn porch light red”

“Okay Google, turn on space heater”

“Okay Google, set kitchen lights to 10%”

Final Verdict On The Lumary Smart Dimmer Switch

When considering either dimmable smart lightbulbs or smart light switches there is really just one thing you should keep in mind. How much smart lighting do you want for your home?

If you want some smart lighting for only your living room then maybe a smart lightbulb is the best route. And there are some great smart lightbulb options for that. But, on the flip side, if you’re looking for a complete smart lighting solution you should opt for dimmable smart light switches.

For one thing you won’t have to worry about buying expensive smart lightbulbs that will burn out in time. Instead purchase much cheaper dimmable lightbulbs and control them with your smart light switches.

And this is the main reason we recommend the more simple and less expensive approach of installing smart dimmer light switches. You can purchase a 2-pack of Lumary’s Smart WiFi Dimmer Switches right now for less than $50 bucks.

Thumbs Up 👍

– Easy set up and installation

– Remotely control with Smart Life or Lumary app

– Voice control with Alexa and Google Assistant

– Scheduling and timer capabilities

– Manual touch dimming like standard dimmer switch

– No hub or gateway required

– Compatible with IFTTT

Thumbs Down 👎

– Only supports 2.4GHz WI-FI (common with smart devices)

– Basic electrical wiring knowledge required

*Lumary also has a non-dimmer smart switch if that’s what you’re looking for. 🙂

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Customer Reviews Of The Lumary Smart Dimmer Switch

“Installed this to replace a non-dimming Wemo. If you’ve installed any smart switches, this install will not surprise you. There are four wires; equip. ground, live, load, and neutral. The SmartLife app configuration was super fast. I just clicked the smart add, the switch showed up, I clicked continue, and bam it was on the network. Ran discovery with Alexa and that was it. Now I can tell Alexa to dim the living room to any setting between 0 and 100%.” – Man on August 23, 2019

“I like this dimmable smart light switch. It was easy to install (although it does require a neutral line to be present). It looks great and feels high quality. I especially like that it fits a standard wall plate and doesn’t require its own proprietary one. It was easy to connect up to my home automation system. I really like that it supports dimming and works with LED bulbs.” – Stephen E. On June 20, 2019

“I have purchased many smart light switches in the past to replace many of my old switches. This switch is a fantastic buy, because the price is so low and it has dimming unlike other, more expensive models. The app is great and offers lots of customizations.” – E1234 on June. 22, 2019 

FAQs On The Lumary Smart Dimmer Switch

Can I share with family and friends?
Yes, you cans share access to your current and any other Lumary device. In the Lumary app, press the “Profile” button and click on “Device Starting” to give or revoke sharing permissions. In order to share, the other user should already have downloaded the Lumary app and registered an account.

Can I group multiple Lumary devices together?
Yes, you can group multiple same-type devices by room, location, or however else you want. The same devices can in multiple groups. For example, if you create a group for “Bedroom” and another group for “Entire House,” your Bedroom lights can be included in bother groups. From your main device list, clic on one of the devices you want to group, press the “🖊️¸” button on the top right for advanced settings, and click “Create Group.” You’ll be able to name a new group and choose which devices you’d like to group together.

How many device can I control?
Lumary app can control an unlimited amount of devices in an unlimited amount of locations. Keep in mind, your router may have a limit of home many devices ca be connected to one router.

My Lumary device has a funny name. How do I rename it?
From your main device list, click on one of the devices you want to rename, press the “🖊️¸” button on the top right for advanced settings, and click “Modify Device Name” You’ll then be able to rename

What should I do if the device appears offline or is unreachable?
Make sure your wifi router is online an in range, and check that you have the latest Lumary version by clicking “Check for firmware update” in your device settings. If power is connected but the current is not responding hold down the Restart button to cycle the fuse and give a current a jump start.

What’s the wireless range?
The range of you home wifi is heavily dependent on you home router and the conditions of the room. Check with your router specifications for exact range data.

If my wifi/internet goes down, will Lumary app still work?
Luamry products need to be connected to wifi in order to use them remotely. You can still manually turn your outlet on or off.

What do the green and blue lights mean?
The green light indicates power. If the green light is on TAP is receiving power. If it s off TAP is not receiving power. The blue light indicates connection. If the blue light is solid TAP is connected. If it is flashing quickly TAP is ready to connect using the Easy Mode. If it is flashing slowly TAP is ready to connect using the AP Mode..

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