Breaking Through the Siege: Innovative Strength Gains Global Recognition
11.28.2023 | Lumary | Lumary Smart Home Blog

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LOS ANGELES, Nov. 24, 2023 /PRNewswire/ -- After several months of intense competition, the CES 2024 Innovation Awards announced the final list of winners on Lumary's Imvisual HDMI Sync Box with Light was honored with the Innovation Award in the Smart Home category, thanks to its outstanding innovative design and engineering features. This accolade not only represents international recognition from the judging panel for Lumary's exceptional innovation in the smart home sector but also underscores their strong influence and leadership position in the smart lighting market.

CES is the world's most influential technology event, serving as a groundbreaking platform for cutting-edge technology and global innovators. The CES Innovation Design and Engineering Awards are established by the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) to recognize outstanding design and engineering in consumer electronics products. It is one of the most important awards among various CES awards and the highest honor sought after by millions of tech innovation companies worldwide.


Lumary, with its Imvisual core technology based on the HDMI sync box, has achieved real-time color synchronization of Zigbee smart recessed lights and TV backlight with your TV, computer, or projector. Lumary Imvisual HDMI Sync Box with Light stood out from millions of entries to clinch the CES 2024 Innovation Awards. Beyond the recognition from the award's expert judges, what's even more crucial is Lumary's position as a frontrunner in the smart lighting industry, dedicated to innovation and technological breakthroughs, and a keen focus on user needs and the growth of the smart home market.

As the smart home market continues to grow, driven by factors such as convenience, energy efficiency, safety, and comfort, more and more households are turning to smart products to enhance their quality of life and home management efficiency.

In response to market and user demands, Lumary has developed the AI smart algorithm, Imvisual technology, which stands out for its ability to achieve low-latency synchronization of Zigbee smart recessed lights and TV light strips with the TV screen through an HDMI 2.0 sync box. Unlike other HDMI sync products on the market, Lumary Imvisual HDMI Sync Box with Light can eliminate any possible delays or synchronization issues between different HDMI sources, ensuring a seamless viewing experience. This innovative technology creates an immersive viewing experience, enhances the room's ambiance, improves home entertainment, and elevates users' quality of life. Whether you are watching movies, playing video games, or relaxing with friends and family, you can enjoy the best visual effects.

Lumary's founder expressed, "We firmly believe in the power of innovation to drive the development of the smart home market. Winning this innovation award is not only an acknowledgment of Lumary's exploration and dedication in the smart lighting sector but also a reminder of the revolutionary opportunities embedded in the era of intelligent AI. Lumary will always uphold innovation as the core value, delivering truly meaningful smart home experiences for users."

Lumary Imvisual HDMI Sync Box with Light is now available nationwide. Please visit the official Lumary website for more information and to order your Lumary Imvisual sync package series products.

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