Best Eaves Lights to Illuminate Your Outdoor Living Spaces
12.22.2023 | Lumary | Lumary Smart Home Blog

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Outdoor living spaces like patios, porches, and decks extend usable square footage beyond the walls of a home. However, once dusk falls, these previously vibrant gathering areas dim considerably without adequate lighting. This is permanent outdoor lightwhere strategically installed eaves lights come in to provide illumination after dark.

Eaves lights are versatile fixtures that affix under roof overhangs, awnings, pergolas, and structures with an edge or overhang. Properly positioned under an architectural ledge, these LED lights cast a bright glow onto the overhead structure and the surrounding space. There are many under eave light options available, but the Lumary Advanced RGB+WW LED Eaves Lights stand out as the best way to brightly illuminate outdoor areas into the evening hours.

What Are Eaves Lights?

Eaves lights are a type of lighting fixture strategically installed along the eaves and edges of roofs, overhangs, awnings, soffits, pergolas, entranceways, verandahs, carports, and other structures with a projecting ledge. Also referred to as under eave lights or perimeter lights, they shine outward to illuminate the exterior walls, floors, landscaping, and areas below the eave overhangs with a bright glow.


Lumary offers IP65 waterproof grade permanent outdoor eaves lights


The lighting effect of eave lights is distinct from that of soffit lights, which emit light directly downwards from an overhead structure. Eave lights are typically mounted along the undersides of roof eaves and project their illumination outward, bathing the surrounding areas in a softer, more ambient glow. This contrasts with the concentrated beam of spotlights, which are designed to highlight specific features or objects. In comparison, eave lights offer a broader spread of light, unlike floodlights, which provide wide reaching illumination but lack the architectural integration and subtlety of eave lighting.

Installed properly, the soft glowing lighting running under roof eaves or structural edges creates brighter, more welcoming outdoor living spaces for extending entertaining, cooking, navigation, and other activities into the evening when sunlight fades. Strategic placement also highlights key architectural details and landscaping even after dark for enhanced aesthetic curb appeal.

Main Features to Look for in Quality Eaves Lights

Advanced LED Technology

  • RGB + WW LEDs: Look for lights that combine both RGB and warm white (WW) LEDs. This allows for the production of a full spectrum of colors along with warm white and amber hues for maximum customization ability.
  • Wide beam angle: A beam angle of at least 40 degrees evenly illuminates surrounding surfaces without harsh spotlights.
  • Diffused lighting: Diffuser lenses provide uniform, glare-free coverage critical for ambient spaces like patios and gardens.

Robust Weatherproofing

  • IP65 or higher rating: IP65 certification guarantees the lights resist dust ingress and low pressure water jets from any direction, critical for weather durability.
  • Operating temperature range: Quality lights work in climates from freezing winters to hot summers by withstanding temps from -4° up to 140°F.
  • UV resistant housing: Durable plastics and coatings protect against sunlight damage during years of exposure.

Smart Controls and Programming

  • Music sync: Syncing color changes and effects to music playing outdoors enhances parties and gatherings.
  • Preset lighting modes: Pre configured lighting scenes like "fireplace" or "forest" match colors to themes with one click.
  • Schedules: Setting schedules ensures lights turn on/off at certain times of day or night.
  • Group zone control: Separately program colors and brightness for groups of lights in different areas.

Hassle-Free Installation

  • Adhesive backing: Commercial grade adhesive tape offers simple no tools mounting to surfaces like wood, vinyl, and stucco.
  • Interlocking connectors: Connecting multiple light bars uses integrated wire connectors between each section for no hardwiring.
  • External transformer: A separate converter box plugs into a nearby outlet and extends low voltage power safely to long runs of lights.

Why Lumary Eaves Lights Are the Best

After comparing the specs and features of various under eave lighting options on the market, the Lumary Advanced RGB+WW LED Eaves Lights emerge as the top choice. Several key advantages make these fixtures the best for brightly and beautifully illuminating backyard spaces, patios, outdoor kitchens, garage work areas, and more.

1. Advanced RGB+WW LEDs Enable Maximum Color Customization

By harnessing both RGB and WW LED chips, no other outdoor LED eave light rivals the Lumary lights' color versatility, range, and saturation. While most competitors only utilize RGB elements, Lumary adds the WW LEDs to fill out those warm white, candle glow, and amber hues that set a relaxing mood. With tuning options spanning a full color wheel and 2200K color temperatures, the scene possibilities suit any occasion or activity imagined.

Programming custom colors, color transitions, motion effects, and brightness levels to match the season, upcoming holiday, or house décor is made easy through the smartphone app. Or take advantage of dozens of preloaded scenes that evoke standard moods at the tap of a button. Either way, no competing product empowers homeowners with this level of customization and convenience.

2. IP65 Rating Withstands All Weather Conditions

Few LED lights designed for year round exterior placement offer resilience on par with the Lumary model's IP65 rating. Competing brands might claim water and dust resistance, but inspection reveals openings in the hardware allowing moisture or insect access over time. Some utilize waterproof adhesives or silicone that loses stickiness as temperatures fluctuate, resulting in falling light bars.

However, the Lumary lights back up the IP65 promises with sealed housing construction engineered to block rain, sprinkler oversprays, humidity, windblown dust, and dirt for years. Rigorous stress testing proves the fixtures withstand even winter freeze thaw cycles without LED burnout or power failure. For lights taking constant punishment from the elements, no other choice bests the Lumary's weather endurance.

3. Intuitive Smart Controls with App and Remote Accessibility

Lumary sets itself apart by offering direct control through its dedicated app. This ease of use extends to programming effects, setting schedules, and adjusting brightness or color. You can effortlessly manage the ambiance of your patio lights with just a few taps on your smartphone, whether you're home or away. The remote control functionality ensures that from changing the garage recessed eave lights to a calming blue to dimming the deck lighting for a cozy evening in, complete command over these LED lights is always at your fingertips. Lumary's integration offers streamlined eaves light automation for convenience and versatility.

4. Quick, Secure Mounting for DIY Installation

Alternative LED eave lighting options often seem reasonably priced until realizing the mounting hardware leaves much to be desired. Weak double sided adhesive lacking strong bonding power leads to lights crashing down without robust mechanical reinforcement. Other versions need wiring into junction boxes, complicated conduit runs, and electrical work suited for pros.

By comparison, the commercial grade high strength 3M adhesive gripping the Lumary lights supports up to 15 pounds of downward pull force per foot. No electrical knowledge or rewire is needed during DIY mounting directly onto wood, aluminum, vinyl, or composite surfaces. The kit even includes backup screw holes and wire clips for additional support, guaranteeing years of trouble free installation.

How to Make the Most of Eaves Lights in Your Outdoor Living Spaces

Brighten Up Outdoor Evenings

Eave lights are a game changer for extending your time outdoors. Imagine your deck bathed in soft light, allowing you to entertain guests well into the evening. Picture your patio grill lit up, so every meal cooked outside is a mouthwatering success. Paths around your home can be gently illuminated for safety, and late hours spent working in the garage or tending to the garden become more manageable with the right overhead lighting.

Light Up Every Corner Just Right

Place LED recessed eave lights strategically to cast a soft glow on walls, fences, and even trees, adding color and depth to your outdoor area. Lumary lights have a wide beam that shines down, creating a cozy atmosphere on patios, pathways, and pool areas without any harsh glare.

Set Lights to Your Life's Pace

You don't have to flip a switch each night; let smart technology do it for you. With the Lumary app, schedule when your lights turn on and off like having the patio welcome you home just as the kids return from practice, or setting the deck to light up right before sunset for dinner al fresco. Keep the garage lit just long enough to unpack the car after work, and let weekend lights stay on longer for those nights you're not ready to end.

Tailor Your Ambiance with a Tap

Customize colors, brightness, and effects to match any mood with smart LED eave lights. Keep porch areas brightly lit for safety while casting a warm, welcoming glow over gathering spots. Experiment with colors calming blues for relaxation zones or festive hues for holiday cheer. Over 16 million colors are at your fingertips with the Lumary app, making personalized lighting for different spaces as easy as a few taps on your smartphone.


Key advantages like advanced RGB+WW LED control, IP65 weatherproofing, and WiFi mobile app access make the Lumary Advanced Eaves Lights the top choice. With the ability to display a full spectrum of colors, program custom effects, mount securely on almost any surface, and integrate with smart home platforms, no competing product matches this versatility, durability, and customization capability.

So for homeowners seeking to extend outdoor enjoyment beyond daylight hours, brighten pathways, highlight architectural elements, facilitate garage work, or set the perfect mood lighting for backyard fun, the Lumary RGB+WW LED Eaves Lights deliver. As night falls, keep the party going, barbeque sizzling, and good times flowing with brilliant lighting installed under roof overhangs surrounding the exterior living space with these top-rated LED eave lights.

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