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Sixteen-million colors – one app.

Whether changing hue to party music or setting the mood for a quiet dinner, Lumary’s app offers easy and remote control of all your Lumary products.

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Customer Testimonials


"I have never seen a light bulb that is so bright, it’s absolutely stunning when the light pulses to the music that you have on your phone. You can also control multiple bulbs from the app."

Trang Nguyen

"My family and I absolutely love this light! There are so many color options, it changes color to the beat and can change to any color from a picture you take. The app is easy to use and very user friendly."

Kristie Smith

"It was very easy to install in the existing light fixture and the light output is very bright. One cool function is the ability to use the microphone (on the phone), speak to it, and have the light change color based on the volume of your voice."

Eric Chavez

"I love that I can control it from my Samsung phone, setting the color or even setting a timer. My electrician told me to buy A19 bulb they are the most cost efficient, which is incredible given how bright the light is."

Krista Teply